Wellbeing creation by any materials, J&W.

For a happy and prosperous
lifestyle cycle

What is the richness of mind and body
that J&W aims for?

To have what is needed in the amount needed.
To release stress.

J&W started out as a manufacturer of protective clothing and we have worked to utilize our technology in a wide range of areas
under the theme of realizing “stress-free”.
A rich lifestyle cycle is created by handing over useful value to those who need it.

We want to utilize J&W's ideas and creativity beyond boundaries and barriers.
For a world that is filled with subtraction, not addition.


Materials Business

Create a stress-free future with original functional products and new materials development.

Functional Materials

Wholesale sales

PTFE (polytetrafluoroethylene) is a fluororesin with properties such as low dielectricity, high tensile strength, and ultraviolet resistance.
Products laminated with PTFE are characterized by high chemical resistance. (We obtained a patent for PTFE laminated fabric.)
It is a material that has excellent resistance to electricity and heat, and is highly resistant to chemicals
such as concentrated sulfuric acid, caustic soda, mixed acid, and sodium sulfate.
Many of our products are used in laboratories, university institutions and semiconductor factory cleanrooms.
We also leverage our rich creativity for original functional products and the development of new materials, and to plan,
manufacture, and sell work clothes for companies.

Healthy Food Business

A healthy life for people, pets and animals.

Healthy food to keep people and animals healthy.
The small particles of ultra-low-molecular-weight oligopeptides are delivered directly to the intestines without putting a burden
on the stomach and are absorbed as nutrients.
The effect of the 18 amino acids contained in the product has been approved for JRA racehorses
and as a Laboratory of Racing Chemistry inspection product.
This product is also characterized by the fact that it uses additive-free, pure natural ingredients (flour, corn, salmon skin collagen, etc.),
and places a low burden on the body.
We will build a healthy environment and future where people and animals can richly coexist.

IT Business

Reconsider lifestyles through information security and IT education.

We are in an era where digital technology is being used in various fields and IT is becoming inseparable from our everyday lives.
We work to resolve issues through the security measures required by companies and
between individuals, and through consulting on IT infrastructure.
We also utilize system design and information security technologies to propose IT services that are useful for people's lifestyles.
We will expand the scenes and possibilities where IT can be useful for the rich lifestyles of the future.

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Using wellbeing technology to play a useful role for the world.


J&W will create a rich cycle of health and living through materials and technology.

Company Profile

Company name
J&W Co., Ltd.
June 2016
Naoko Miki, Representative Director
TMB Doshomachi Bldg. 3F, 2-1-10 Doshomachi, Chuo-ku, Osaka 541-0045
Business contents
  • Materials business using
    special materials
  • Healthy food business
  • IT business