Wellbeing creation by any materials, J&W.

Contributing to society through materials business, healthy food business, and IT business to create
a happy future.


J&W started out as a manufacturer of protective clothing used in settings such as university institutions
and laboratories, factories using chemicals, and semiconductor factory cleanrooms and we have worked to utilize our unique technology
in a wide range of areas under the theme of realizing “stress-free”.
We work to develop and provide materials that are safer, healthier and more useful to society in all fields.
With this mission, we contribute to society in the three sectors of “Materials Business”, “Healthy Food Business” and “IT Business”.
We will utilize J&W's rich inventiveness and creativity to go beyond the boundaries of industry type to create
a prosperous future by handing useful ideas and value to partners who need them.


PTFE Protective Shield SU(The PTFE Protective Shield for Cleanroom and Handling Liquid Chemicals) マテリアルイメージ

Materials Business


We respond to solutions in all fields by developing original functional materials to contribute to a stress-free environment.
In addition to clean suits that are used in laboratories, university institutions, and semiconductor factory cleanrooms,
we have also developed materials such as SGOTECH-GT (and obtained a patent for PTFE laminated fabric),
which is a material with excellent chemical resistance, electrostatic properties, and moisture-permeable waterproofing.
We also go beyond the boundaries of industry types and leverage our rich creativity for original functional products and the development of new materials,
and to plan, manufacture, and sell work clothes for companies.

Wholesale sales

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Functional material PTFE

PTFE (polytetrafluoroethylene) is a fluororesin with properties such as low dielectricity, high tensile strength, and ultraviolet resistance.
Products laminated with PTFE are characterized by high chemical resistance. (We obtained a patent for PTFE laminated fabric.)
It is a material that has excellent resistance to electricity and heat, and is highly resistant to chemicals such as concentrated sulfuric acid,
caustic soda, mixed acid, and sodium sulfate.
Many of our products are used in laboratories, university institutions and semiconductor factory cleanrooms.



Healthy Food Business


Healthy food to keep people and animals healthy.
Small particles of ultra-low-molecular-weight oligopeptides are absorbed directly into the body at a speed more than ten times
that of amino acids (with absorption into the body in about 10 minutes).
The 18 amino acids contained in this product are delivered directly to the intestines without putting a burden
on the stomach and are absorbed as nutrients with an absorption rate of approximately 100%.
This product is also characterized by the fact that it uses additive-free,
pure natural ingredients (flour, corn, salmon skin collagen, etc.), and places a low burden on the body.
This product is delivered as a stress-free healthy food with a lower burden than that caused on the internal organs
by products that are taken as food, such as conventional protein.
Starting with these ultra-low-molecular-weight oligopeptides, we will continue to use the abundant ideas and development capabilities
of J&W to build a healthy environment and future in which humans and animals can richly coexist.

Products using ultra-low-molecular-weight oligopeptides

Health supplement developed
for racehorses

JRA racehorses
Approved by Laboratory of Racing Chemistry

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